Group Nodes

This tutorial looks at how to create and use groups in Houdini. It covers the group node, the group range node, the group transfer node and the group combine node. These are demonstrated by the creation of a chessboard which is controlled by chess notation. (30:19)

Introduction to VOPs

This tutorial is an introduction to the VOP network which is too large a subject to cover in a single tutorial. We look at the attribute VOP and explain how it is used to manipulate and create point attributes, focusing on maths and noise. These are used to create a low polygon little planet. (43:18)

Geometry Primitives

An in depth look at the Geometry Primitives that can be used as basic building blocks in Houdini. This is a very practical tutorial that will tell you everything you need to know about the different types of geometry you can create and when you might want to use them. (23:58)

Transform Node

This tutorial look at the Transform node, which is relatively simple, then uses this interface to demonstrate some of the power of Houdini to drive parameters with expressions. It shows how just this one node can be transformed into a useful tool called a Houdini Digital Asset, and how to set this up. (20:10)