Tutorial 4: Introduction to VOPS (43:18 minutes)

An introduction to some of the more commonly used features of VOPs followed by a demonstration of how they might be used to create a simple little planet model

This tutorial is an introduction to the VOP network which is too large a subject to cover in a single tutorial. We look at the attribute VOP and explain how it is used to manipulate and create point attributes.

The tutorial covers position and colour manipulation using math nodes and looks at noise and pattern generation. Then it shows how to create a low polygon planet using noise for continents and seas, and shows how to add a new attribute called “pscale” which can be used to scale objects placed on the points.

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the tutorials. I have a question. When noticing you took the min/max value of Cd[r] by hand I noticed that these values are dynamic, depending on the output of noise, correct? Is there a way to get these min/max values using an expression? Since now I would have to re-enter this values when I change my noise settings.
    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Henk,
      sorry for the slow reply. This is a problem I have come across and haven’t been able to solve easily. The trouble is that the values are across every component, and the way VOP nodes work runs these calculations in parallel to make it efficient enough to process in real-time. This means that every time you run the noise it isn’t aware of the other values. I can think of a couple of not-great workarounds.
      1. You can calculate these values outside of the VOP node with an “attribute promote” node. Convert from points to detail and do this for min and max values- then feed these back into a new VOP node.
      2. The changes will probably only vary by a large amount if you change the noise amplitude, and you could do this further down the chain with a multiply node.
      If anyone has a good solution for this please let us know,

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