Tutorial 3: An in depth look at the Geometry Primitives that can be used as basic building blocks in Houdini. (23:58 minutes)

This is a very practical tutorial that will tell you everything you need to know about the different types of geometry you can create (primitives, polygon, polygon mesh, mesh, nurbs, bezier and polygon soup) and when you might want to use them. The nodes covered are: Circle, Sphere, Tube, Box, Torus, Platonic Solids and Grid.

It covers the grid primitive in more detail, and show some of it’s uses; as a spawn for articles, as a surface to paint on, and as a basis for a mountain landscape. It shows how to use the Houdini help documentation to see working examples of nodes. In this tutorial there is another example showing how to use expressions in the parameter window, in this case to keep the density of the grid consistent regardless of it’s scale.

There is no download for this tutorial because the network is very simple.

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  1. I really like theese tutorials 🙂
    Since Houdini 17 some nodes have changed.
    Time 18.13: Particle. This node type is deprecated. (Since version 17.5.)
    20:30: Paint. This node type is deprecated. Use the Attribute Paint node instead.
    This just proves that houdini is alive and ist really developed ….

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