UV Tools

This Tutorial is an Overview of all the different nodes available to create UVs in Houdini, and also covers setup, display and previewing of UVs and textures in Houdini, and demonstrates a quick way to display PBR textures. (57:21)

Lines and Curves

Back to basics, with an explanation of how curves are used in Houdini, covering the Line, Curve, Ends, Curvedraw and add nodes. The these are shown in action when we create a procedural racing track generator (64:25)

Group Nodes

This tutorial looks at how to create and use groups in Houdini. It covers the group node, the group range node, the group transfer node and the group combine node. These are demonstrated by the creation of a chessboard which is controlled by chess notation. (30:19)

Scatter Node

A look at the Scatter Node which is used to place random points on a surface. It covers different ways of driving point placement (point counts, textures, density attribute) and dives deeper into working with attribute VOPs. It demonstrates how this node can be used to create a realistic distribution of vegetation. (35:58)