Tutorial 13. UV Tools (57:21 minutes)

This Tutorial is an Overview of all the different nodes available to create UVs in Houdini, and also covers setup, display and previewing of UVs and textures in Houdini, and demonstrates a quick way to display PBR textures.

The topics covered are

  • Displaying UVs (at 1:00 minutes)
  • UV Quickshade node (at 3:40 minutes)
  • Simple UV tools: UV Unwrap, UV Project, UV Texture nodes (at 5:45 minutes)
  • UV Pelt node (at 14:20 minutes)
  • UV Flatten node (at 22:50 minutes)
  • UV Autoseam node (at 30:50 minutes)
  • UV Layout node (at 39:20 minutes)
  • UV Editing Tools: UV Brush, UV Edit, UV Transform, UV Smooth, UV Fuse (at 42:30 minutes)
  • Multiple UV sets (at 47:40 minutes)
  • Displaying PBR textures in Houdini (at 49:40 minutes)

You can download the scene file here:

and you can download a copy of the finished Smoking Spacemen Robot here:

This includes a HIP file with the network used to build the robot as well as finished UV’d model GEO file.

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  1. Did (almost) nobody comment yet, for the great work you put in it?

    Because I really want to say that you are the first teacher I came across, that made me understand the core principles of Houdini. They are not just tutorials standing alone, but they are connected and grasp the whole picture of Houdini for beginners to understand. Can’t wait for your coming tutorials to make the whole picture even more complete. I think that’s the unique quality of you and your service to the community to build out Houdini Kitchen.

    For the first time, I am realy learning how to cook in Houdini.
    Thank you Suzie 🙂


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