Tutorial 6. The Scatter node (35:58 minutes)

This tutorial looks at the Scatter Node which is used to place random points on a surface. It covers some of the different ways of driving point placement including point counts, textures, and a density attribute. This tutorial also dives deeper into working with attribute VOPs. By the end of the tutorial we have shown how the Scatter node can be used to create a desert scene with a realistic distribution of vegetation.

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  1. Ms Green – I used Houdini 18 to work along with your Scatter node tutorial and i had to make an adjustment in Copy To Points: all the vegetation from the Low Res Plant HDA showed up as (mostly) fuzzy-green crossed grids. v18 Copy To Points is a bit different than previous versions so in it I changed the first of the three Target attributes from Points to Primitives, and the vegetation appeared and everything looked like it was supposed to.
    This is not a complaint – I was aware you used an earlier version – just an observation. Using the latest version means I have to make these adjustments as there are nearly always changes to various nodes: I welcome this, it keeps me on my toes!
    Also, you are the first instructor I’ve come across to explain how to use the Scatter node by way of Count By Primitive and In Texture Space (perhaps because they are rarely used). Anyway, i am enjoying your tutorials and the clear unrushed way you present them. Thanks!
    – Robert

  2. Hi, awesome content you are putting out! really appreciated. One quick question: what is the procedure if i want to rotate vegetation in more than one axis?

  3. you have an another nice video for houdini. I lıke very much its. please send me . I am new houdini user. I want to learn very much and quicker.

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