An in-depth tutorial on the principles of writing L-Systems in Houdini using examples from Aristid Lindenmayer’s book ‘The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants’

after watching this tutorial you should be able to understand all the elements of an L-System, and be able to create your own from scratch.

Subjects covered are:

  • L-System Node (at 1:20 minutes)
  • Turtle Syntax (at 8:00 minutes)
  • Branching (at 16:00 minutes)
  • Edge Rewrite (at 18:40 minutes)
  • Node Rewrite (at 24:30 minutes)
  • Symbol variables (at 31:35 minutes)
  • Using Custom Values (at 41:25 minutes)
  • Monopodial and Sympodial Trees (at 42:50 minutes)
  • Gravity (tropism) (at 43:50 minutes)
  • Ternary Tree (at 45:50 minutes)
  • Input Geometry in L-Systems (at 48:00 minutes) Randomization (at 67:25 minutes)
  • Stamping Geometry (at 69:20 minutes)
  • Probability (at 80:25 minutes)
  • Conditionals (at 85:05 minutes)
  • Phyllotaxis (at 88:30 minutes)
  • Sunflower (at 93:05 minutes)

you can also download the documentation as a pdf

Download the scene files and all examples from the documentation

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