Tutorial 1: Putting together a scene in Houdini (13.51 minutes)

Welcome to the first Houdini Kitchen tutorial. Before we get on to learning about specific nodes I am going to take a look at how a Houdini scene goes together.

In Houdini you will do most of your work inside a single geometry node, but in order to set up the nodes for use in another program it can be helpful to separate them out into different types of geometry. Or, if you import a scene from outside Houdini such as an unreal scene, it will be presented to you as a bunch of separate objects and it’s useful to understand what all the different elements mean.
For most of these tutorials I would expect you to follow the tutorial as you go along and create something similar, but for this first one you should instead open the scene which I have provided alongside the tutorial, called Fairy Hill, and just take a look at it. There is a link at the bottom of this page, or in the downloads section. A lot of this won’t make sense yet but as you move through the tutorials you can refer back to this scene and see how it is set up.

If you are new to Houdini I recommend taking a look at Houdini Foundations Book, either as a hard copy or free pdf. This also gives a great overview of Houdini features and workflows for different projects. Or you could complete the sidefx tutorial on Navigation and Interface

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