Steps to create a Digital Asset

  • Select the nodes you want to include in your Digital Asset
  • Right click on a selected node and go to Actions -> Collapse to Subnet
  • Right click on the subnet and go to Create Digital Asset
  • Name your asset and click Accept
  • This opens the Edit Operator Type Properties dialogue where you can edit parameters and settings
  • Accept will close the dialogue- to open it again: right click on the Digital Asset and go to Type Properties…

How to Manage Digital Assets on Disk

  • HDAs are saved by default to Documents/Houdini(version)/otls
  • To add a new HDA directory- in Documents/Houdini(version)/ Houdini.env add a line:
      HOUDINI_OTLSCAN_PATH = Path to directory
  • Digital Assets can only be edited if they display a red unlocked padlock symbol.

Cannot Edit (synced with file on disk)

Can Edit (edits are saved with current file)

  • To make an asset editable right-click and go to Allow Editing of Contents
  • To lock an asset right-click and go to Match Current Definition. This will sync it with the version saved to disk (use cautiously)
  • To save your current edits to the disk version right-click and go to Save Node Type

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